So, your vehicle’s engine breaks down and now you are stranded alone on the side of the road, wondering what to do now? But don’t worry, Round Rock Roadside is one tap away to help you. Just call us and wait for us a little, and our team will tow your car to the mechanic’s shop, where its engine will get fixed.

At our company, we have professional mechanics who know how to deal with both old and new vehicle’s engines. Using their experience and knowledge they will fix your vehicle’s engine within a short time.

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Should You Drive Your Car With A Malfunctioned Engine?

When you know that your car engine has some problem and even a misfire light is on and then if you try to drive the car thinking that the garage is just nearby, you are inviting a lot of risks to your car and your life. It takes only a few kilometers to destroy an engine, so the little money that you will be saving from not taking the towing service will be spent like thousands of dollars of garage damage. So, it is always better to take precautionary measures at times, so you can be safe from bigger problems.

Even if you are in a car with a malfunctioning engine, stop that car, book a towing service, and let the professionals do their job. And if you live in Texas, specifically in any of these areas, Round Rock, North Austin, PFLUGERVILLE, Cedar Park, Georgetown, HUTTO, then make sure to contact Round Rock Roadside for the engine malfunction towing service. In this service, we will not only tow your car to the desired location but also fix the problem with engines. We will directly take your vehicle to our company, and fix the engine efficiently so you don’t face any future problems with the engine.

Engine Malfunction Experts

How to know that the engine is malfunctioning and the car needs to be towed?

In every vehicle, there is a misfire light, which indicates that there is some problem with the engine of your car. You should never take this sign lightly as it can be a sign of any big danger as well. Usually, the light is on when,

  • There are some abnormalities in the accelerator pedal sensor
  • The fuel system has some problem
  • Failure in the catalytic converter
  • There is some clog or fault in the EGR valve
  • And if there is a failure in the exhaust system

Any of these problems can cause malfunctioning of the engine and make your car unable to be driven.  So, if this misfire light is on, some strange smell or smoke is coming out of your engine, or if it is making some strange noise, then stop your vehicle right at the moment. If you have some know-how about vehicles and engines then check your car, but if still, you can’t understand anything then simply call us. We will tow your car to our company, where engine professionals will fix your car more efficiently and quickly.